Digital Solutions Success Story: Andre Sardone

September 8, 2023

Andre Sardone joined the Digital Solutions Program with his small business in creative sculpture. Inspired by the Greater Bendigo National Park that surrounds his property in Mandurang, Andre uses waste and recycled steel to create unusual, long-lasting sculptures.

“The things I learnt at the  Digital Solutions certainly helped me.”

Andre first exhibited his work in Melbourne in 2004. His sculptural style has gone through many evolutions since to reach his current diverse practice that includes kinetics and applied mechanics.

“My artwork has found a place both in gardens and fine art galleries, and the sales are now becoming more consistent—despite the lack of opportunities to exhibit my work in 2020,” Andre says. “COVID-19 has resulted in a shift to online opportunities.”

Andre was somewhat active on social media prior to the pandemic, but knew he needed some guidance on how to make the most of the power of these platforms.

“When I heard of the Digital Solutions Program, I thought it was something that could help.” Andre took advantage of the mentoring sessions offered by the program with an expert in social media.

“Through my sessions with Bryley, I learnt a lot about the differences between various social media platforms and how to best use these to present my work.”

As a consequence of the pandemic, all the exhibitions Andre had planned were cancelled. The only place he could display his work was online.

“The things I learned through the Digital Solutions certainly helped me in this transition,” he says. “It helped me work out what I wanted to achieve from my social media. Sales were not my highest priority—it was more about promoting awareness of my artwork and inspiring people to follow their passions.”

Despite the challenges Andre faced, he remains certain about the purpose and transformative power of his work. “Art can turn an unused space into a place where people want to be,” he says, “and give them a connection to that space.”

“I’m working hard to follow my path and bring my art to the world.”

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