Digital Solutions Success Story: Art By Olga

September 7, 2023

Art is where Olga Dziemidowicz feels most at home.

More than a passion

“I’ve been a painter and maker since childhood, always going to art classes and trying new materials. I took a detour in my career by way of architecture and later design and innovation consultation in the corporate world, however, art is most aligned with my purpose and who I am. I really enjoy my current lifestyle!”

Olga’s lifestyle is centered around capturing beauty. The visual artist and live painter has an art studio in St Kilda, and also offers live painting services at corporate events, weddings and more.

“I most often create works connected to nature; such as expressive landscapes and nature-inspired abstracts. I started painting live at events in February 2020. It was on hold during much of COVID and lockdowns, but I’m back in full swing now and preparing for an exciting end-of-year season. I come to the event with my easel, take in the vibe, and translate that onto a canvas while people can watch the creative process. It provides memorable entertainment for the guests, as well as a unique, hand-painted memento for the occasion.”

As a solopreneur, Olga divides her time between her live painting work and her studio work, which involves creating her own art, organising and showing at exhibitions.

She loves being able to create the work, lifestyle and experiences that she wants as her own boss.

“I’m always innovating and tweaking to improve the business, my process and skills. I can’t really paint when I’m sad so taking care of my well-being is an integral part of my business too. I lean into what feels good and do that. Sometimes that includes midday naps,” she winks.

“Live painting is a unique experience. Taking the creative and painting process out of the studio where no one sees it, and into the world, for people to see and experience, helps demystify the process, create a connection with the art and create awe in people watching.”

“Observers are often surprised how quickly the work progresses and how much better it looks, almost with each brushstroke. I often get compliments and applause when I show the final work so it’s nice to know that people are enjoying and appreciating what I do. And I just love doing it!”

Growing online with the Digital Solutions Program

“I know the internet is an important place to be for any business. I have been online since the beginning, but in the early stages my content/website wasn’t very good. It’s a constant improvement journey, being online. We need to adapt and evolve.”

In a bid to expand her knowledge and expertise, Olga joined the Digital Solutions program.

“I love to learn and always try to improve my art, business and myself. I was hoping to get help with my website, digital presence, marketing, branding, SEO so I can better reach and better serve my clients. I was hoping to get an outsider view of my business - I always find that invaluable.”

“There is only so much I can figure out on my own. And I didn’t want to waste time. I wanted to improve efficiently.”

Olga was especially drawn to the mentoring service of the program.

“We can’t all be good at everything, so it’s worth reaching out to specialists to cut the time needed to learn, get advice, learn the things we don’t know we don't know and problem solve with them. I connected with a branding expert and she helped me clarify what I should do, how to speak to specific audiences and how to improve my brand.”

Since joining the program, Olga has optimised her digital strategy, bolstered her brand presence, assessed and improved her SEO and gained clarity on the architecture of digital marketing. She found the program made it ‘easy to stay on track and remember what [she] needed to do.’

“I believe in lifelong learning so I would highly recommend the Digital Solutions program. The specialists are high quality professionals that are worth learning from. I’ve signed up for more sessions to get my business to the next level so I can share my art with more impact and create more value without wasting time, by using strategies that work.”

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