Digital Solutions Success Story: AxipApp

September 7, 2023

Statista have forecasted approximately 184 billion apps will have been downloaded by 2024, a number expected to continue climbing.

There’s no denying the demand for apps is growing. But for many small business owners, coming up with the budget for a custom-made app has been an impossible feat. Four years ago, Hayden Cassar decided to change that. Enter: AxipApp.

“At AxipApp we build Android, iOS and web apps that are affordable for small businesses,” he explains.

“We have created an online app-building platform which automates and systematises the process of building an app, thus making it affordable.

“There is literally nowhere else you can get a powerful, custom-made Android, iOS and Web app for the prices we can offer.”

Through its notable success since being founded, AxipApp has remained a family-run business.

“We pride ourselves on personal service and affordable prices,” Hayden says.

AxipApp builds custom platforms for businesses spanning a number of industries, including health, fitness, beauty, retail, hospitality, medical and publishers. Hayden loves being able to make tech accessible for entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey.

“I also love the variety of different clients we are able to work with. I enjoy efficiency and love building technology that makes apps more affordable.”

As the nature of Hayden’s services are entirely digital, AxipApp has always been online and their digital strategy is constantly evolving.

“Programs like Digital Solutions Program help us so much.”

Growing online with the Digital Solutions Program

Hayden joined the program after seeing it in the Services Victoria digital newsletter. He joined hoping to gain ‘some advice and some connections’, but came away with much more.

“Not only did I get valuable feedback about our business, the mentors provided me with referrals to prospective referral partners,” he explains.

“We implemented a number of pricing and marketing changes as a result of what we learned with Digital Solutions.

“I would absolutely recommend the Digital Solutions Program to others.”

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