Digital Solutions Success Story: Beacon Consult

December 4, 2023

Ten months ago, Mark Fulcher embarked on a new journey, leaving behind 25 years in the corporate world to start his own venture, Beacon Consult. This move was motivated by a desire to channel his extensive experience into helping small to medium-sized organisations, particularly those on a growth trajectory.

Beacon Consult - Guiding Organisations Through Transformation

Beacon Consult operates as a dynamic consulting firm. Mark serves as the Managing Director, leading a team of dedicated individuals who work as contractors. The company has been in operation for ten months and specialises in guiding small-to-medium-sized organisations through strategic, leadership, and organisational consulting.

Challenges and Lessons Along the Way

Mark's journey into entrepreneurship wasn't without its challenges. One significant hurdle was underestimating the complexities of running one's own business and digital capacity. Building the foundational elements and setting up the business proved to be more demanding than anticipated. However, this journey also fostered resilience and adaptability in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Support from Melbourne Innovation Centre 

The Digital Solutions Program at Melbourne Innovation Centre came into Mark's entrepreneurial path by a recommendation, and it offered 1:1 digital support that exceeded his expectations.

Before joining the Digital Solutions Program through Melbourne Innovation Centre, Beacon Consult faced digital marketing challenges. Mark had invested some effort in LinkedIn and email marketing but was unclear about the results achieved.

Through the program's mentoring, Mark gained invaluable insights. He learned how to optimise his marketing approach, focusing on solving the growth-related problems.

“I have got a lot out of my mentoring. I have learnt how to restructure my marketing. I've been guided to look at a full marketing plan and plan how I wish to engage leads.” Mark explains. 

Melbourne Innovation Centre has not only provided guidance but also encouraged investments in digital capabilities. Beacon Consult is now in the process of creating high-quality marketing assets, including lead magnets, email marketing software setup, and surveys to engage leads. A clear buying path for leads is also under development.

While the measurable results are still in the making, Mark is optimistic about the impact of these digital changes. He expects to have concrete data to share in the coming months.

Advice for Fellow Entrepreneurs

Reflecting on his experience, Mark emphasises the unexpected depth of advice he received through the Digital Solutions Program at Melbourne Innovation Centre.

“I was surprised at the level of advice I received. I thought I was going to be shown how to set up my LinkedIn profile for my business. But it started with great advice looking at my digital strategy. It really encouraged me to focus on my marketing, put effort into making some big changes.”  Mark states.

His advice to other businesses considering the program is to embrace change, put effort into marketing, and wait for the transformative results to follow.

The Digital Solutions Program is funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Melbourne Innovation Centre across Victoria. Join today to unleash the full potential of your small business in the digital realm.

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