Digital Solutions Success Story: Built for Advanture

September 7, 2023

Samantha and Jesse Jeffrey have three key tenets to their work. “Uncompromising quality, strong client relationships and our trusted guidance and expertise that extends to our retail service,” Samantha explains.

Samantha and Jesse are in the industry of adventure. Co-founders of Built for Advanture, the duo - who are also husband and wife - handcraft high-end adventure by converting vans into top-quality campervans or motorhomes that are built to last the distance.

“Built for Advanture was born from a love of travel, a dedication to excellent craftsmanship and a desire to create something beautiful and functional,” Samantha says.

“Jarrod brings a wealth of carpentry knowledge to the Built for Advanture team and works with the same level of attention to detail we pride ourselves on.” Detail, Samantha explains, is one thing.

“But there is a deeper level of care for what we do and who we do it for that is displayed in each aspect of our business.”

Built for Advanture started its journey in 2018, and Samantha says the freedom and flexibility is what they love most.

“We love running our own business because it means we can be there for school drop off and pick up. It allows us to be flexible, choose who we work with carefully, decide on what products we use using our own due diligence and also affords us self-expression.

“Although as a husband and wife team, we may not be great at balancing work and life - something we are working on - it is something that we believe is important and ensure our staff and those we work alongside feel they can have that balance when working with us.”

Like all great journeys, theirs has been ever-evolving.

“We got our website up (I won’t say ‘running’) relatively quickly after starting but it was stagnant and rarely updated for a while,” Samantha explains.

“Once we decided to have a retail presence, it became obvious that the online aspect of the business needed to be prioritised. There was no strategy for our digital platforms in the beginning. It’s only something we’re formulating now, over four years in.”

Growing online with the Digital Solutions Program

Now utilising multiple platforms including online shop, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, Samantha joined the Digital Solutions Program as she ‘knew she had a lot to learn in the digital space’.

“Everything has been self-taught to this point. With so much going on, personally and professionally, the idea of having someone who could help me focus my energy where it was most needed and plan accordingly was the driving factor for joining.

“Key things I’ve learned thus far from the Digital Solutions Program thus far include things to think about when planning a digital strategy, new ideas for the right type of exposure, and lots of tips and tricks for various digital programs and platforms.”

Of all the services on offer, Samantha found the mentoring most invaluable.

“Having an expert to talk through your individual business and situation with is a real privilege. Like a lot of things, van builds included, digital strategy isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ concept."

“Being able to find a mentor that was also local to the area and understood ‘our vibe’ was a total bonus.”

Samantha says she would 100% recommend the program to other small business owners, and looks forward to continuing her own journey.

“I feel there is so much I want to do and have only just begun.”

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