Digital Solutions Success Story: Emmagraphy

December 4, 2023

Meet Emma Thomas, a dynamic individual with a multifaceted journey - from librarian to photography enthusiast and now a website design maven. As a mother of four, Emma's life is filled with adventures, a passion for running, a commitment to health, and a love for capturing life's moments through her lens.

Crafting Digital Experiences

Emma has been proudly serving as a website designer for nearly three years. Specialising in WordPress, she offers a range of services, from crafting one-page wonders to building comprehensive small business websites and executing redesigns. Emma's mission extends to supporting her clients through technical challenges, creating a strategic partnership for their online success.

A Quest for Mentorship and Growth

Emma, a mentor herself, recognised the importance of having a mentor in her journey. Her pursuit of growth and excellence in the digital sector led her to seize the opportunity to learn from a mentor. Her motivation was fuelled by the desire to excel in her digital endeavours.

Unlocking New Horizons with the Digital Solutions Program and Melbourne Innovation Centre 

Emma's decision to join the Digital Solutions Program through the Melbourne Innovation Centre was driven by her recognition of the need for a mentor. She approached it with an open mind, eager to learn and grow. The program held unexpected benefits and insights that enriched her journey.

Before joining the Digital Solutions Program, Emma's business grappled with a lack of a solid digital business strategy. She sought assistance to elevate her business to new heights.

“Through the Digital Solutions Program, I've gained invaluable insights and knowledge. One key takeaway has been the importance of having a clear digital business strategy. Additionally, I've learned effective ways to boost my social media presence and have received valuable ideas and strategies for enhancing my online activity.” Emma shares.

Transformational Results

The program brought about a transformational impact on Emma's digital presence and business operations. While enhancing online visibility remains a work in progress, significant improvements are evident in her digital presence and business effectiveness.

Since starting the program, Emma's business has experienced notable growth. Specific improvements continue to be monitored, reflecting the program's positive influence.

Emma's advice to fellow businesses considering the Digital Solutions Program and support provided by Melbourne Innovation Centre is clear: 

“Embrace the opportunity with an open mind and a thirst for learning. Seek advice, guidance, and mentorship proactively. The program offers valuable insights and resources that can significantly impact digital presence and business operations. Actively engage in the learning process, ask questions, and be ready for a transformative journey.” Emma states.

In Emma's own words, 

“It's a great program, and I highly recommend it. My mentors were amazing and super supportive.”

Emma's journey with the Digital Solutions Program and Melbourne Innovation Centre showcases the power of mentorship and a willingness to learn, paving the way for digital success in the competitive landscape. 

The Digital Solutions Program is funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Melbourne Innovation Centre across Victoria. Join today to unleash the full potential of your small business in the digital realm.

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