Digital Solutions Success Story: Femke Textiles

September 7, 2023

Simone Deckers grew up taking camping trips and bushwalking with her family. She knew she loved the Australian bushland and flora back then, but she couldn’t have imagined it would later form the basis for her own business - Femke Textiles.

“I screen print hand-drawn Australian flora illustrations onto fabric, mostly linens, that I sell by the metre,” Simone explains.

“I don’t mass produce and am a small business, making everything by hand right here in Melbourne. I produce small runs and try to use up every last piece of fabric that makes its way to the print table. Every print run of fabric is unique in its own way and has the maker's mark on it. All screen-printing is done by hand.”

Femke Textiles produces cushion covers, napkins, pillow slips, bread bags, table runners and fabric baskets. Simone has been running the business since 2016, after leaving a long nursing career to study Textile Design at RMIT. “It certainly isn’t easy running your own business, but I am determined to keep making it work,” Simone says.

“I love having the opportunity to be creative and share this with people in the form of fabric. I have always had a love of fabric, colour, texture and patterns. Running my own business allows me to express this love and create a work environment that nurtures this.”

Simone moved Femke Textiles online to keep up with shifting consumer habits, especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns.

“We operate in a very different world now and most of my customers enjoy shopping online. I didn’t have a digital strategy in place but am very quickly learning this is necessary!”

Growing online with the Digital Solutions Program

Simone came across the Digital Solutions Program in looking for support with the difficulties she was encountering in trying to reach customers online and ‘keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithms and mysterious world of SEO!’.

Thankfully, the program answered all of her questions - and more.

“I learned so much from my mentor session with Brett Melville in regards to SEO and how to improve my website to reach more customers. I have implemented many things that Brett and I discussed during our sessions which were easy to do as I received a great document outlining what we discussed. I have already improved my online shop listings so it is easier for customers to find me, and have also joined TikTok as another marketing tool!”

Simone says her journey into digital optimisation is just getting started.

“I’m looking forward to learning more from the online workshops and webinars, and have already told several friends about the program who also run small businesses. I hope this program continues!”

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