Digital Solutions Success Story: Holly Faye Counselling

December 4, 2023

Meet Holly Hudson, a remarkable woman with a diverse and fulfilling life journey. A mother of two, a stepmother to three, and a grandma to a 6-year-old, Holly's life is brimming with love and adventure. She manages a Mustang wedding car and joyride business. Holly is a passionate traveller, exploring both her home country, Australia, and the far reaches of the world. But her story doesn't stop there.

A Compassionate Advocate

Throughout her working life, Holly has been a compassionate advocate for women facing various challenges, from mental health issues and domestic violence to homelessness and social isolation. Her experiences have allowed her to witness firsthand the profound impact of life transitions like marriage, relationship changes, motherhood, and career shifts on women's lives. It was during her work in the wedding industry, however, that she recognised the unique struggles brides face while planning their special day.

Holly Faye Counselling

When the pandemic brought her Mustang business to a temporary standstill, Holly decided to pursue a new path. This year, she launched Holly Faye Counselling, a private practice specialising in supporting brides-to-be through the anxiety-inducing aspects of wedding planning.

Holly's motivation to embark on her counselling business journey stemmed from her vast experience and her desire to provide a safe haven for brides navigating the complexities of wedding preparations.

The Digital Solutions Program and Melbourne Innovation Centre

Holly joined the Digital Solutions Program through Melbourne Innovation Centre to gain proficiency in social media marketing and efficient website management. Her goals included enhancing her online presence, optimising her digital platforms, and streamlining her booking system.

Through the program's workshops and webinars, Holly achieved several milestones. She successfully launched her website and acquired the skills to make updates independently. She learned about content pillars, which guided her social media strategy, and mastered the art of posting on Instagram and Facebook.

Enhanced Digital Presence

Holly now boasts a cohesive brand identity that complements her unique counselling services. Although it's early in her counselling journey, Holly's website is live, and her distinct style aligns seamlessly with her branding.

“I now have a website and I am able to make some changes myself. I learnt about content pillars, and how to post on Instagram and Facebook.” Holly explains. 

Advice to Others

Holly highly recommends participating in the Digital Solutions Program and Melbourne Innovation Centre. She highlights the brilliance of the mentors and the wealth of innovative ideas offered. 

The Digital Solutions Program is funded by the Australian Government and delivered by Melbourne Innovation Centre across Victoria. Join today to unleash the full potential of your small business in the digital realm. 

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