Digital Solutions Success Story: Marissa Jane Integrative Coach

September 11, 2023

Marissa Downes is passionate about self-development.

The Melbourne-born health advocate has worked with New Zealand and Australian Olympic teams across London, Rio, Sochi, Beijing and Winter Olympic campaigns. She holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, Trauma Informed Coaching, Breathwork and Somatic Therapy qualifications.

For the last seven years, Marissa has been leveraging her unique skill set to help improve her clients quality of life through her integrative coaching business.

“My work is humanistic based, anchored in the present,” Marissa explains.

“I take a holistic solutions-focused approach to healing, transformation and growth. Centered around connection, I integrate bottom-up interventions such as nervous system regulation techniques and somatic resourcing, plus meditation and breathwork practices.”

Marissa’s dynamic offering also integrates top-down cognitive coaching practices.
“My clients learn to develop self-management techniques and benefit from gains in self-awareness, self-regulation, clarity, confidence and self-esteem. They also improve cognitive performance, emotional wellbeing and autonomy for making sustainable, healthy behaviour changes and choices.”

“I believe the quality of our relationships we have with ourselves, sets the tone for the quality of relationships we have with others and life.”

Marissa’s transformative business model is designed to help her clients optimise their biology and mindset. She develops a unique approach for each individual and harnesses the power of neuroplasticity - creating lasting effective changes in the brain - to optimise their physiology and psychology.

Marissa says the business has been incredibly fulfilling.

“I absolutely adore enabling and empowering people to really connect with their true selves and create a healthy and sustainable relationship with all parts of themselves. It feels me with energy to see these transformations evolve and positively impact their relationships - both personal and professional.

“Personally, I also really value being able to operate and work in accordance with my values and my own natural rhythms of creativity and productivity. Flexibility to work remotely and also reach people globally is both deeply humbling and such a huge privilege.”

Marissa was running roughly 50% of her business online, but when the pandemic hit she had to re-evaluate.“Many of my marketing avenues such as in person events, programs and classes couldn’t be continued, so I began the full transition to online marketing and delivery.”

Without a digital strategy in place, Marissa decided to seek guidance through the Digital Solutions Program.

“Honestly, I had very little understanding of the digital space (except how to post pictures on Instagram), how to market and I’m still learning how to write to connect with my audience via digital media – it’s been a steep and wonderful learning curve. I was really seeking clarity on my message and my brand voice, and I’ve been receiving so much more than that also.”

Marissa says the has helped her to understand how to streamline her digital systems, better understand marketing and reduce fears she once had.

“I’m currently working with a brand and messaging specialist from the  to cultivate my own brand language and client journey (while also helping me to communicate digitally in a less academic and more personable way).

“My mentor, Kirri, is very knowledgeable and is a great coach offering some really great feedback, helping me reach that level of clarity I was seeking and continues to help me develop my knowledge and skills. More than that though, there are so many great mentors to help in specialist areas, it’s like having your own business support crew at your fingertips.”

Since beginning the program, Marissa has integrated a number of improvements to her business.

“I’ve simplified my systems integrations, I’ve aligned all of my platforms with uniform names and images, and I’ve set up and started gathering reviews for my Google Business account. I’ve also been able to refine and clarify my Bio, my core business message and how I help people. As well as map out my client journey, their needs, and how I can support them.”

“For me, the learning curve has been some work but all very intuitive and quite easy to grasp. It has been a straightforward process, with plenty of support along the way, so what I’ve done has been relatively simple to implement with a bit of time, focus and effort.”

We have no doubt that Marissa Jane Integrative Coach will continue to improve many lives. Watch that space.

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