Digital Solutions Success Story: Moonface Studio

September 11, 2023

Vicki Lawrenson is in the business of bringing joy. For the last six years, the mum-of-two has been brightening up homes, workplaces and events with her business - Moonface Studio.

Moonface Studio helps to transform walls with colourful, removable wall stickers. As the business owner, Vicki designs and makes all kinds of decals and signage, ranging from bedroom and nursery stickers to chalkboards and interior designs. Vicki runs her business locally, but has experienced impressive growth since the business was created.

“I’m based in Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula,” she explains.

“I’ve been running the studio ever since my youngest child started kindergarten almost 6 years ago. We now ship our products worldwide and have customers in Asia, North America, the UK & Europe.”

Vicki says Moonface Studio stands out from its competitors because of its unique design solutions for women.

“I work with women throughout life, whether it be decorating their home, organising an event or designing and developing signage for their business.”

Moonface Studio certainly has an offering for all of life’s occasions. A scroll through its website reveals decals for everything from retro wall stickers to transport wall stickers, from dinosaurs to window frosting - and everything in between. Vicki’s signage services also cover vehicle signage, event signage and apparel branding - to name a few. A true creative, Vicki loves the freedom that comes with self-employment.

“I really enjoy the flexibility of running my own business. I have fun creating new designs and I have the freedom to take the business wherever I want to go.”

A forward-thinker, Vicki’s business has been online since day one - though she has moved platforms, settling on her own Wordpress site. She also uses Etsy.

Despite being proficient in the importance of a digital presence, Vicki felt she would benefit from professional advice.

“I didn’t have a digital strategy in place and felt like I was wandering around in no man’s land,” Vicki recounts.

That’s when she joined the Digital Solutions Program.

“I heard that Melbourne Innovation Centre had some wonderful mentors through the Digital Solutions Program and knew this was the kind of help I needed to focus on my business marketing.

“Having a limited budget, the package on offer was a cost effective way to gain this assistance and training as a sole trader. (My mentor) Erica has helped so much with my digital strategy.”

Since joining the program, Vicki has improved her social media strategy and enhanced her business visibility online.

“The mentoring has helped me structure Instagram posts and work on my Google my Business profile. Workshops have assisted me in my understanding of Google Analytics, and these have both helped me with my marketing strategy.

“I’ve recommended the Digital Solutions Program to many of the women I know in business groups and they’ve found it very useful.”

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