Digital Solutions Success Story: The Living Co.

September 7, 2023

When Joyce, an interactive and graphic designer, and her sister Nat, a research scientist, came across the opportunity to take over online eco-friendly store The Living Co in 2021 - the decision was easy.

“As our personal journeys toward conscious consumption and plastic-free living developed, we wanted to share our passion with others,” explains Joyce, who still works as an interactive graphic designer and recently redesigned The Living Co website.

“We are constantly seeking the best products on the market to support our customers on their sustainability journey. We also love the flexibility of working our own hours, and the freedom of running our own business whilst raising young children.”

The Living Co stocks premium reusables, home goods, organic pantry staples, natural cleaning products and clean bath and beauty essentials to help consumers shop consciously and live sustainably.

“We strongly believe that even the smallest changes to our everyday choices can have a significant impact over time,” Joyce explains.

“Our aim is to make shopping for a living low-waste, plastic-free lifestyle simple, accessible and enjoyable - by bringing a large range of products all in a one-stop at great prices.”

The sustainability-driven sisters heavily research the ingredients of each product available on The Living Co, as well as production practices and performance to ensure their customers can shop with confidence.

“We only sell products that have safe ingredients, are made ethically, cruelty-free, are kind to the planet and designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of life. We are passionate about supporting Australian-made products and we pride ourselves on our diverse range that supports the livelihood of families around Australia.”

A true platform with purpose, The Living Co has always been exclusively an online operation. Though the business uses Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest along with its website platform - Joyce and Natalie didn’t have a digital strategy in place.

That’s when they found the Digital Solutions Program.

Growing online with the Digital Solutions Program

“We were low on funds and time-poor, and needed advice to help increase our website organic traffic and social media engagement,” Joyce explains.

“Since joining the Digital Solutions program we’ve learned a lot about SEO, keyword research, content creation for social media and email marketing.”

Thanks to the program, the pair have been able to successfully implement an SEO strategy that has improved organic traffic to their website. They’ve also mastered content creation for their social channels, email marketing and blog.

“[Our mentor] Erin has been really helpful in breaking down how to implement our digital strategy to manageable steps so that I was able to put it into action on my own,” Joyce says.

“It’s a great program and I’d definitely recommend it! I’ve loved working with my amazing mentor Erin Morris, her advice has been invaluable.”

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